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Since 1990

about company

​​​​​​​​​​​​We produce handmade solid wood log houses with wall thickness of 150 mm (6 inches) and 200 mm (8 inches). For making processed logs we use of an milling machine, which ensures better quality of logs and speeds up the production process. 

Cornerpins are hand made. For pins we mainly use the "Norway pin", sharp corner pins and "fishtail" pins.

For manufacturing log houses we use mainly pine trees. The most suitable is slowly growed pine wood with dense annual rings. In this case there is no significant change in the volume later.

We offer log houses, saunas, summer houses on the basis of our projects, but these can also be produced according to customer's drawings and ideas.​​

producing and selling lumber

We provide lumber for construction (with transport), timber for pallets and suitable timber for the furniture industry.​

we buy woodlands

We buy forest and agricultural land and standing timber, and we also perform logging operations and we have extensive experience in forest management.

​If you want to sell the forest or farmland, ask for an offer!

construction works

Production of log houses, saunas and other products made of logs with installation and other related construction works.

We offer the following options:

"Turnkey" - with installed outer walls, windows, doors, external apertures and roof. 

Log walls - packed in our factory or transporting to the destination site, where we install them. 

- log part ready, packed in our factory
- finished building frame - installed walls, roof, doors and windows.
- full readiness - performed all the work for "turnkey" readiness.

We carry all general building works, as well as general contracting procedure works. Ask for an offer by contacting us.